Space Exchange

For Community Members

After successful login, click Community -> Explore Community
Click Members
Click Join Community, and you can choose to fill in the people you know in the community as your reference, and the reason for joining. Click Submit and the application will be automatically displayed in the Pending Members Application.
Click Exchange -> Manage Your Exchange to create an exchange post.
After successful application, the community avatar will be automatically displayed in My Communities.
The Title section of the Exchange Form is read-only, it will be automatically generated based on the information filled in by the user.
After creating the exchange post, your post will automatically be displayed under all the communities you belong to.
If you want to see all the community posts at once, you can click on Exchange Feed, which will show all the posts in the communities except your own.
Because this is a platform for people who already know each other in the community, or friends of friends, it encourages people to add each other's social media directly for communication.
Once you click on the post, you can click on the author's username to see his or her social media contact information.